Biking the Hana Highway



While RR was competing in swim races on Oahu’s North Shore, David and I hopped over to Maui’s North Shore for his first visit to the Valley Isle. Though I’ve worked and traveled on Maui dozens of times, I’ve never seen the island from atop a bicycle. There’s so much to share that I’ll need to break down each part of the journey to Hana and beyond.

After a half-day at work on Friday, we zipped to the airport for a 2 p.m. flight. Backpacks slung over shoulders, we took a 15 minute cab ride from Kahului to Paia to avoid letting a rental car sit idle for a few days, and checked into the incredibly charming Paia Inn, which has its own secret pathway to a stunning, empty beach.… Read the full story

Post Vegas Marathon










After the (faux) triplets landed in the top ten women at the Vegas 26.2, Rach ran another marathon  — the next week. I didn’t. I couldn’t. Instead, I returned to work, thankful that I could sit for most of the day in a cushy chair, wincing whenever I had to rise, and say, walk across the office. Stairs? Forget it. I was all about the elevator.

This week my teenagers are on vacation, but I am not. One day I asked them to select a recipe, make a grocery list, and shop for those items in preparation for dinner.… Read the full story

Goodbye, Maui Film Festival

Run Like a Mother retrospective, by Rachel Ross
Back to reality. Again. 

Good-bye Maui sunsets over Kahoolawe and pretty Kea Lani..

Good-bye Katherine and John.. well, until tomorrow or maybe Weds.
Good-bye, Earthfu#!#r 4000 that we kind of got used to..
The last day on Maui was very mellow. I commandeered a lounge on the Four Seasons beach with the last book in the Twilight series. I know, I’m not 13. They gave me an umbrella. They brought me ice water and watermelon periodically. It was not a bad day for me. Then evening rolled around and we hit the Taste of Wailea on the golf course for blueberry ginger martinis.
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It’s a rough life: Hummers and interviews with Zooey Deschanel

Run Like a Mother retrospective, by Rachel Ross

When we arrived on Maui, there was a problem with the rental car, and they had to upgrade us. To the Earthf#$*!er 4000:

Katherine had a personality change within 4 minutes of getting behind the wheel. We turned into the natural food store, swerved at some poor man in a fuel-efficient compact and she yelled Watch out, buddy! The rest of the drive was full of Outta my ways and You people had better moves. It was fun to watch the transformation.

The lobby of the the Fairmont Kea Lani:

Our room wasn’t ready, so we went for a run and a swim while we waited.. 
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RR & KN at the Maui Film Festival

Retro report: From Run Like a Mother: by Rachel Ross
At the Four Seasons Wailea Friday morning, Tori Spelling’s boobs were brunching, along with her kids, two nannies, and tattoo-guy, who I think was her husband. There is nothing low-pro about Ms. Spelling.
Post-brunch I needed to float around in reduced gravity for a while. I lugged my gut to the pool. Then I kind-of accosted Dax Shepard in the hot tub, but he was a nice guy. So there, a celeb photo for y’all.
Katherine and I were walking the beachfront path through Wailea when we saw a fit black man pretending to box up ahead.
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