Katherine Nichols is a the author of Deep Water, a narrative nonfiction book published by Simon & Schuster and optioned for screen adaptation by Sony Pictures. She has three manuscripts in progress: 1) a novel optioned for TV by Breaking Bad star Betsy Brandt, 2) a psychological thriller, and 3) a memoir recently excerpted in New York Magazine. She is currently writing multiple television and feature film scripts based on her original material.

She wrote, co-produced, and hosted an adventure travel television series for two years, wrote and co-produced sports features for television for ESPN, and wrote, co-produced, and voiced a mini-documentary that aired on USA Network, as well as a short documentary podcast series associated with the LA Times.

Her long history as a journalist enabled her to conduct the research, investigation, and interviews required to write Deep Water. As a staff writer and freelancer, she has written hundreds of articles for a variety of publications, including the New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Harvard Magazine, and the Associated Press.

Katherine has also integrated storytelling, strategy, and creativity as a business consultant for real estate development, private equity, and luxury hospitality firms. Her focus areas include internal and external communications, major capital raises, operations efficiencies, marketing, branding, and PR team management.

She is represented by Laura Gross Literary Agency.