About Deep Water

A narrative nonfiction book from

Simon & Schuster, purchased by Sony Pictures for adaptation into a television series

Brief Summary:

It’s 1971 in Coronado, a small southern California beach town. For seventeen year-old Eddie Otero, a skilled waterman and avid surfer, life is simple. Then a buddy makes him an offer: Swim an illicit package across the border from Mexico. The intense workout is dangerous. Thrilling. Lucrative. And the beginning of a small business.

When the young entrepreneurs involve their former high school Spanish teacher, the smuggling adventure grows into a $100 million dollar global operation.

Soon they become fugitives. Living on the edge, they vow to return to their normal lives — right after one last run….

“Nichols’ gift for detail and narrative organization has resulted in a finely-crafted book that delivers the goods (and the bads), in a thoroughly compelling page-turner.” —Huffington Post

“Deeply researched and evocative, Nichols’ narrative clearly illustrates where a single bad decision can lead.  As events unfold, readers experience the emotional roller coaster inherent to dangerous, illegal activities.  Readers who love true crime will find themselves engrossed in this true tale of excess.”   Booklist

Where to buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores.

From Simon True

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Original art by the fabulous Kristen Moore. Check out her Instagram at gallerygirl303. And below is how it will be my new book cover. Under the Surface is a character-driven drama with a streak of wry humor. Betsy Brandt of Breaking Bad has optioned the manuscript for a adaption into a television series.